'Free your mind, and Nirvana is there'

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    22 มีนาคม 2011
    'Free your mind, and Nirvana is there'
    The teaching of my Teacher Monk is as the same things with the teaching of Hui Neng, he was Chinese.
    The first thing, we should know is Buddhist teaching about nature. - Nature is a non-self, If you feel that you still have a self, That is not natural. - Nature is inhospitality, not close attention to or show no concern for the emotions that arise in your mind such as, angry, vengeful, greed, love and others emotions. - Nature is allowing your mind free, do not force yourself, there is no any ideas go true, there is no any ideas go wrong, all thoughts of independence. All ideas are pure by nature. - Nature is, not persevere, not insist on, not to adhere with everything in this world. Such as, all emotions, our thoughts, Ideas of others. Parents, grandparents, Relatives, Husband, Wife and others are just what the words from human who still have a self, they don’t meet the nirvana. And then adhere firmly hold with those things. - Meditation is nature. While you walk, stand, sit and lay down, every actions to be meditation. But nowadays people understand about meditation in the wrong way. They understand about the meditation is, pressing, pressuring, catching, force yourself. These things are against the nature.
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