Impermanence : The great understanding of life 2

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    11 กันยายน 2010
    Even the illusion you can then enjoy. For you will know it is an illusion, and that is half the enjoyment! It is the fact that you think it is real that cause you all pain.
    Nothing is painful which you understand is not real. Let me repeat that.
    Nothing is painful which you understand is not real.
    It is like a movie, a drama, played out on the stage of your mind. You are creating the situation and the charactors. You are writing the lines.
    nothing is painful the moment you understand that nothing is real.
    This is as true of death as it is of life.
    When you understand that death, too, is an illusion, then you can say "O death, where is the sting ?"
    You can even enjoy death! You can enjoy someone else's death.
    Does that seem strange? Does that seem a strange thing to say ?Only if you do not understand death -and life.
    Death is never an end, but always a beginning. A death is a door opening, ont a door closing.
    When you understand that life is eternal,you understand that death is your illusion,you keep your very concern with ,and therefore helping you believe that you are, your body. Yet yor are not your body, and so the destruction of your body is of no concern to you.
    Death should teach you that what is real is life. And life teaches you that what is unaviodable is not death, but impermanence.
    Impermanence is the only truth.
    Nothing is permanent. All is changing.In every instant. In every moment.
    Were anything permanent, it could not be. For even the very concept of permanence depends upon impermanence to have any meaning. Therefore, even permanence is impermanent. Look at this deeply. Contemplate this truth. Comprehend it
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  2. ไส้อั่ว

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    23 ธันวาคม 2010
    So you mean everything is not real , that's right ? How about you ? You are real ? If you are not real , why you can speak , write , listen and dream ?

    Please give the definition what is real or fake ?

  3. เมเฆนทร์

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    should die before die ,
    be the death from the
    uncertainty world ,

    with regard to see the dharma as its nature may be

    my friend.
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