Recent Triangle Reports - Triangle Close Encounters

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    6 ธันวาคม 2005
    During the last few months, there have been several very credible reports of triangle UFOs. We have previously reported on these cases, as the mystery of these puzzling triangles continue to baffle reporters and students of Ufology. The case of a Triangle UFO near Norman, Oklahoma, involved a man and his wife, who became lost on their trip, and sighted a triangle with orange and white lights. The possibility of 48 minutes of missing time and alien abduction highlighted this case.
    Another compelling report was just recently made public. Couple Reports 1988 Encounter with Triangle, also has many unanswered questions.
    A trip down an Oregon freeway would turn into a night of fear for a man and his wife. After sighting a triangular UFO, they return to their apartment building only to see the UFO waiting for them! They cowered in their apartment until the frightening craft finally flew into the night.
    I have discussed some of many opinions and unanswered questions about the unknown triangle objects in my article, A Look at the Triangles.
    Although we have seen many years of reports of the more common "disc-shaped" UFOs, the triangle, or boomerang-shaped objects have come into their own.
    Triangle reports often come in waves of sightings. Three of the most well known events are the Hudson Valley Sightings of late 1981 and 1982, the Belgium Wave of 1989 - 1990, and the The Illinois Triangle Sightings, which began in early 2000.
    To a lesser extent, the triangle-shaped UFOs were also prevalent in two other landmark UFO cases, The Phoenix Lights of 1997, and the Rendlesham Forest Landing of late 1980.
    We are always looking for answers, and at times, it seems that we are getting close, but then we take a step backward when another case comes along that tests our reason and patience.
    Years of research into the disc-shaped UFOs, or flying saucers, have only dented the surface of the mystery of these enigmatic craft. Now we face another, deeper conundrum... the triangles. Where does the answer lie?
    Consider a case report I just received from a student at the University of California, Irvine. The eyewitness and reporter appears to be a mature, credible individual who saw something she cannot explain.
    Coming to her apartment after a day of classroom activity, she went inside, and began to work on a print job she needed to finish. She noticed it was very foggy outside.
    Normally, she did her printing in the graduate villa next door, but the printer there was out of ink. She had to walk to the main office instead.
    She began her journey down the walkway between the apartment buildings through the heavy fog. Suddenly, she looked to her left and was startled to see a triangle-shaped object descend over a nearby metal fence.
    The object made no sound, and had three circular, white lights on its underside. The triangle had rounded edges, and was made of a dull, metallic substance.
    The craft's height was surprisingly small... too small for a person to stand up in it. It flew into an open field across the street, after barely clearing the roofs of the apartment buildings.
    It leveled off to a horizontal position when it was in the open. Once in the field, she could still see the lights shining through the heavy fog. Then it began to rise into the air.
    She began to lose sight of the UFO, and she walked toward the field, but it seemed the object had been swallowed up by the fog.
    Although she waited for ten minutes, she never saw the object again. She was in a state of disbelief. What was this object doing here?
    Was this some secret military craft? If so, what was its mission? We may never know.

    Recent Triangle Reports - Triangle Close Encounters