What can be found in Buddha's Teaching?

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    In Buddhism only the truth are told, from the very beginning 2600 years ago. At that era, people still believed in spirits, sacrified and worshiped to unexplainable-things. It was utterly hard time to begin new religion. The old one was well-respected and accepted all over the continent. So many debates, disagreements even challenged by other religions. Facts is the only thing that kept Buddhism survive among them. You may say that "Buddhism is way of truth,way of life. Never to exaggerate, be humble and truth will speak for itself.

    At that time there were lot of countries with different ways of rulings; some are ruled by king, some by parliament, some by union, etc. Buddhism was never the less well-accepted and more and more citizen were attracted. Rulers were pleased with the blending of new religion, it was well-harmonized with any rulers. Why and how?
    A very good example; in the First precept mentioned "No killing", you will never find any war between Buddhism to other religion. And even lives of animal as well so there was no sacrifice in Buddhism.

    In Buddhism we do believe in causes and effects. If situation happen, it is not occurred by any chance. You may understand as "karma" to be implied here . What we had done in the past will always pay back that result to you. If you commit a good deed then you will get good reward for that in the same way for bad deed will result bad action too. It is so simple to understand and quite true to all actions.

    Now come to harder part for some; some do not know that life after death still go on with some conditions to be applied here. As you can see that the wheel turns again and again. All of us are born and re-born for millions lives now. To be able to understand you can download a book here(http://new-birth.net/booklet/Life_in_the_World_Unseen.pdf) and after finish we can continue.

    Since there are so many things in your mind so I will post a web link to one of well known
    buddhist who can explain well in english to you. His name is Dr.Sanong Voraurai, he used to work at NASA too.http://www.kanlayanatam.com/english...and_Answers/Dhamma_Questions_and_Answers.html

    First of all Buddha taught that everything around you and yourself are in changing state, nothing is permanent.
    We can not keep ourselves or anything without deteriorating. Well as human beings are born by 4+1 elements. Since no one can escape death so to live and death are natural. We are born and reborn again and again, seems indefinite. Sometimes as human but sometimes an animal (sometimes lower than that), depends upon what you've done in the past "karma" as you may call. No one can avoid these revolutions.

    Luckiest is to be human which has the "sati", no other animal has the ability to teach or train himself like human being. Coincidentally as you will see that as Causes and effects will imply too. After you realize the situation and want to stop these circle of reborns, He show all the details of preparation that anyone can follow.

    ฺำ At the beginning, He pointed out how we put ourselves into next reborn. What are logic behind that, relationship of each doing that constitute to karma. The results of good and bad actions that will be attached to next and next reborn. Then how to avoid that bad karma through five precepts (panja sila). At these stage what you have to practice are
    1. tarn (giving)
    2. sila or precepts (at start need only five, later eight--tarn&sila will yield the result of becoming human or Dhevada (angel) in the next life)
    3. pawana (samatha and samathi--and completion of these are the only way for nirvana) and put a lot of effort to develop your mind and become sati, samathi, panya. The course to these can categorize to be sort of college curriculum; i.e. there is some subject that you need to pass before proceed to next level (prerequisite). Most important that your mentor must actually know, practiced and passed that level before he can do teaching just like certified professor.

    Not only one or two subjects to be enrolled at a time but it must be consider of your capability also. Training and endurance to your own which is quite hard to pass at this stage. You will need to put yourself against your former habits (no drinking, no party, no contact to outside world, etc.)

    Put aside those thing, the incident happened few days ago remind me something important. The shoot out in theater, young and old were killed. What took place on that day can reflect to what cause those victims to be there? It is not fate but their karma that brought them to be there. No one demand them, no one control them.

    Some are born rich, some are not. Some are born healthy but some are not. These are few sample of effect of karma from the passed-life. One of the thing that Buddha said 2600 years ago. What we should do to have good future-life has to do with what your present-life are doing. Since only very few can reach nirvana (a state that you are not in circle of reborn for good) means that we still have to reborn unavoidably. Therefore we must be prepared ourselves, shouldn't we?. Buddha taught so many things for these new reborn by proper; behaving, thinking and doing. Not only to ourselves but other livings as well also.
    Real Buddhism are not preaching, but practicing is a must.

    (to be continued)
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