Let's protect Buddhism. Stop insults and defamation to the Lord Buddha.

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    4 พฤศจิกายน 2010
    credit: Buddha Biography

    We often see people treat Buddha Statues inappropriately as they might have incorrect understanding of the Lord Buddha.

    We Buddhists should perform our duty by giving correct knowledge on how to treat the Buddha Statues, protecting our religion from being destroyed.

    Living our lives with compassion for each other, forgiving the ignorance of others and helping them with our full capacity so that they will understand and change their wrong behavior. Then, our lives will be full of peacefulness the way we experience from the sensation of looking at the Buddha Statues.

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    Buddha Biography
    The website will help point the way for you to treat Buddha Images correctly
    and give knowledge on
    - The history and teachings of the Lord Buddha
    - FAQ about the Lord Buddha and His teachings
    - Do's and Don'ts on the Lord Buddha

    Knowing Buddha organization is operated by School of Life Thailand Foundation.