UFO in New Hampshire

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    6 ธันวาคม 2005
    This was in Autumn 2006. I was just pulling into my driveway at dusk when I look out the window and see this craft. It was a jet black, perfect equilateral triangle.

    From the tragectory I could judge that this thing was less than 500 feet in the air and was approxamatly 40 feet across. By those two figures the speed can be calculated at a considerably slow speed (50-75 mph).

    I also noticed that this thing made 0 sound, and had no blinking lights (which are required on aircraft). What it did have was a red light on each tip, and a light blue light in the center, which seemed to have a white swirl in it.

    I live just a few miles from an airport so I've seen all the aircraft that fly through (mostly those huge blue and red planes, as well as a few small noisy ones). I've seen probably 3 planes fly in the direction this one has in my 5 years living where I do, all of which were turning considerably (the UFO going straight as an arrow)


    I found out to who it belongs to: Cabal. Yes it belongs to Men it was made by Men in secrecy, it is used to spy around and to search for starcrafts. They use folks like me to guide them to the Star Visitors, because we all keep in touch and keep contact. Cabal is known for stealing Star Visitor's technology. Do not be fooled. These people are up to no good, their selfishness, their megalomaniac egos have no limits, once they find something that they want. They will hurt, they will abuse, they will deceive and confuse, they will even kill if they have to. Be aware of their presence. We are talking about Men here, people that are from Earth just like all the rest.

    The lights change colour, but they do not flash. It makes no sound at all, it can disappear and re appear somewhere else, i have seen it myself. It was right on the sky from where I used to live. There were also others... Other drones, other crafts. The small ones even followed me, sometimes I would go outside and I would see one of their drones waiting for me to go out. I have posted about my Cabal experiences here before, so I won't be posting again. You can find the posts at Experiences thread, it's called Cabal part of knowledge is gold. If you want to know more about Star Seeds like me feel free to visit my website and check the links there for Dr Boylan's site as well.

    I am now posting some pictures of Cabal crafts, so you will be able to spot them once you see them again. The easier way for me to spot them though it's by they negative energy.

    [​IMG] Reduced: 88% of original size [ 578 x 435 ] - Click to view full image

    [​IMG] Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 670 ] - Click to view full image

    The triangle craft, it was not visible to the eye when this picture was taken.



    [​IMG] Reduced: 89% of original size [ 570 x 502 ] - Click to view full image

    [​IMG] Reduced: 54% of original size [ 938 x 662 ] - Click to view full image

    [​IMG] Reduced: 54% of original size [ 938 x 668 ] - Click to view full image

    Surveillance drone ( the black spheric ones) operating with antigravity technology that have been monitorating me in the past.

    If you want to see all the pictures, check the website. I am always happy to help.


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